Is Hormone Repalcement Therapy Safe? The Benefits of Hormone Restoration

Hormones are critical for our health and balance. They are needed to help us work, play, exercise, think, focus, be happy and just function in a normal healthy way. The first step in the acceleration of aging is when our hormones of fertility start to decline. These hormones, Estradiol and Progesterone in women and Testosterone in men, have critically important functions of their own as well as contribution to the function and balance of other hormones. With declining hormones, we become old and senile, lose memory, have weak bones and organs etc. By intervening in nature's plan, and restoring our hormone balance, we can live our lives in a healthy and meaningful way, rather than constantly add prescription medications trying to alleviate the diseases of aging.

Hormones critically affect every organ, including your brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, bones, skin, and muscles. When Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone decline at Menopause and Andropause, the whole body becomes imbalanced. In essence, hormones are at the very core of our existence. You may have read about hormone replacement therapy. The chances are, however, that you do not realize the major transformation it can bring in your quality of life.

For example, hormone replacement therapy can:

  • Prevent age-related diseases such as osteoporosis, degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's, diseases of the cardiovascular system and of every organ system
  • Increase overall well-being
  • Improve mood and mental health· Increase energy levels
  • Restore a more youthful appearance
  • Reduce your need for pharmaceutical medications, which often have undesirable side effects
  • Eliminate hot flashes and night sweats· Improve your libido and sexual performance
  • Treat erectile dysfunction - without the need for harmful medication
  • Improve the way your brain functions, especially your memory
  • Improve your sleep

There are many more benefits you can expect, too. However, hormone therapy can only be successful as part of a proper hormone therapy treatment plan.

Background Hormone Information

The body makes hundreds of different hormones, with varying amounts and patterns of production. The collective function of all the hormones made in the body is called the ENDOCRINE system.

ENDOCRINOLOGY is the study of dysfunctions in the ENDOCRINE system, which leads to disease. Diabetes, Polycystic ovaries, Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are just a few of the many examples of disease due to specific hormone dysfunction.

There are many different hormone systems that govern how our bodies function. These different hormones act in a precise synchronous manner with each other. This interplay of hormones (produced in the brain, adrenal glands, gonad as well as other areas) is responsible for every stage of our development. It is the decline in each hormone system that slowly leads us into dysfunction, deterioration and disease.

The state of fertility is the optimum state of being for any living organism; all hormone systems are “on”, and working perfectly together. The period before reaching fertility and the period beyond fertility is suboptimal in health, the further we are at either end, the weaker we are.  Just as hormone levels and production dictate when we will be fertile, they also dictate when we will slow down, decline in fertility and become old.  Inadequate amounts of hormone production are responsible for dysfunction and the onset of age related diseases.

After we have reached physical maturity, there is a steady decline in hormone production leading to progressive symptoms of aging and health degeneration.  In normal circumstances, the fertility hormones decline more abruptly and rapidly than the other hormone systems.

The main fertility hormones in women are ESTRADIOL and PROGESTERONE, which are produced in the ovaries. TESTOSTERONE is the male hormone of fertility produced in the testes.

Over the past several decades scientific journals from across the world have shown that the hormones of fertility act on every organ system in the body, as well as affect the function of other hormones. Importantly, these hormones work in a dose dependent way, which means at different levels in our system they trigger different responses. The complete function of just one individual hormone is incredibly complex. We are far from understanding the complexity of the entire endocrine system (i.e. the interaction of all the hormone systems).

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Over half a century ago numerous medical articles were published which discussed the positive effects of Estradiol and Progesterone on almost every system in the body including the cardiovascular system, bones, brain, nervous system as well as other hormone systems. This led to an interest in replacing estrogen and progesterone in women. However, the healthcare system was heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. No pharmaceutical company wanted to make the exact hormones our body makes, because what occurs purely in nature is not patentable.  However, the hormones that occur in nature can be modified and then patented. This was the birth of Synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones are chemically and molecularly different than what our body makes. A lot of money and effort was invested to convince healthcare providers that Synthetic hormones are better (or at least as good) as what we naturally produce. Many physicians still believe this!

Recent years:

Hormone replacement with Estradiol and Progesterone replacement was not a controversial topic until 2002. For decades synthetic estrogen and progesterone were prescribed without any concern. Although several weak studies (observational studies) were done, no reputable, well-designed study in this field was done until the WHI study. In 2002 the results of the WHI study came out, and for the first time women and their physicians were discouraged from hormone replacement. The study had serious flaws and the results were misinterpreted and confusing (more in Controversies section)

Over the past 15 -20 years in the US and Europe, physicians and scientists across the world have looked into the importance and benefits of hormone replacement. Specifically, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone.  They have realized that hormone replacement is the key to balance in health and functionality.

Almost all physicians who understand the importance of hormone replacement, understand that:

  • The hormones being replaced must only be BIOIDENTICAL. This means the exact molecular structure to what the human body makes, not a synthetic/modified version which is patentable and able to make huge $$$’s, but have many known and potentially unknown harmful effects
  • Increase overall well-being
  • Estrogen should NOT be given by mouth as this increases the risk of blood clots. We have known this for decades as seen in oral birth control pills. Medicine continues to ignore this critical fact due to the huge profits derived from them
  • Synthetic progesterone should NEVER be given. It is the ONLY hormone linked to an increase in breast cancer

Why Dr. Selma Is The Best Of The Best

When replacing hormones, the goal is to restore functionality in our bodies, so we may maximize our health and balance. The field of hormone balance is incredibly complex. The unknowns are far greater than the knowns.  We have far exceeded the standard knowledge taught to physicians, and have ignored the pressures of conventional thinking, which is largely influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. We have followed sound scientific knowledge drawn from trusted medical literature, prestigious medical journals and years of clinical data to achieve the most natural hormone balance possible

Precise Bioidentical Hormone Treatments

  • Replace hormones with BIOIDENTICAL hormones
  • Apply hormones topically to avoid interference and complexities seen with oral dosing due to the liver’s response to oral intake
  • Replace with the EXACT hormones made by the ovaries

We are ALSO able to successfully replace the ovarian hormones as close to the ovarian pattern as possible. By doing this we achieve the maximum advantage and potential of hormone balance. Hormones are dose dependent, and their fluctuating levels signal important responses. The body works in maximum balance when the natural rhythm is restored.  Without giving hormones in natures rhythm, we cannot achieve all the benefits and would be taking unnecessary risks of the unknown.

We are at the cutting edge of Hormone replacement. It makes sense to replace hormones as close as possible to how our bodies made them and not to deviate from established medical data.

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