Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are a necessary part of human health, and play a crucial role in the correct functioning of the body. As we grow older, most hormones steadily decline in production. However in women, there is a sharp decline in estradiol and progesterone in the 40’s with an almost complete stop after menopause. This is when a woman feels the greatest decline in health, functionalitiy and wellbeing. Typically, menopause occurs around age 51. Perimenopause typically starts about 10 years before menopause. Every woman experiences perimenopause and menopause differently. However, menopause is the start of a rapid deterioration in every aspect of health. Our center of hormone replacement therapy in NYC uses natural and safe treatment for women suffering from the disturbing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Also, our center of hormone replacement therapy in NYC, uses an elegant protocol which mimics a woman’s own production of estradiol and progesterone, thus allowing her body to act and function in a youthful, healthy way.

Our knowledge, experience and passion has allowed us to be leading experts in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in New York as well as internationally. We are proud to provide the absolute highest quality of treatment, with complete consideration of our client’s time and budget. We understand how difficult it is to find the right answers, as well as physicians who thoroughly understand the significance of correct hormone balance. Our protocol provides the most sophisticated and advanced approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy in New York. We are dedicated to using the highest grade topical bioidentical hormones, administered as closely as possible to a woman’s natural rhythm, providing the best solution to Hormone Replacement Therapy in New York.

Use of Bioidentical Hormones in NYC

The use of Bioidentical Hormones in NYC is still not widely accepted or understood, mainly due to the lingering aftermath of the Women’s Health Initiative Study (WHI Study) in 2002. Although, the study clearly showed that estrogen was not linked to an increase in breast cancer (it was the synthetic – “fake” progesterone that causes an increased risk), this myth was never clarified. Importantly, estrogen by mouth is a serious risk for blood clots. Bioidentical hormones, given topically, pose no known harm, and have never been studied. Only synthetic hormones have been studied, because they can be patented, and are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Bioidentical Hormones in NYC, using our protocol, mimics hormones a woman naturally produces during her healthiest years. Bioidentical Hormones are recognized by our DNA in the same way they would be if they were made by the ovaries.

New York Lifestyle

The NYC lifestyle is one of the most competitive, fast paced and stressful lifestyles in the world. Women especially, have increasingly taken on more demanding roles, and hectic schedules than ever before. They are working harder and retiring at a later age. With correct hormone balance, their tasks can be significantly easier and manageable. A woman cannot think sharp, sleep well, have energy, be mentally balanced and calm without hormone balance. Also, NYC itself has multiple stressors including pollution, high traffic, high cost of living, which accumulate and cause adrenal fatigue. This results in accumulating stress on ovarian hormone production, leading to early perimenopause. Correct Hormone replacement therapy is the most powerful solution to deal with life stressors.

How does the Hormone Replacement Therapy help you?

Correct hormone replacement therapy restores the hormone balance a youthful, healthy body enjoys, so it can function optimally. The Anti-Aging Medical Group led by Dr. Selma Rashid are leading experts in New York. Our protocol is simple, natural and elegant, allowing women to regain their lives with the best hormone replacement therapy available.

You can reach us at info@antiagingmedicalgroup.com for further details on how to schedule a consultation.

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