What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

As we age, hormone production slowly starts to decline. This is followed by a decline in health and function. Most hormones are designed to be present throughout life, even if their levels are slowly reduced. However, estradiol and progesterone in women, and testosterone in men (to a slightly lesser degree), decline dramatically at menopause and andropause respectively. Estrogen and progesterone in women, stop being produced at menopause. Testosterone levels significantly decline in aging men. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are key components of good health. These hormones fall into the category of steroid hormones. Changing even a single atom on a hormone molecule will change its unique nature. Pharmaceutical companies change the molecular structure of a hormone so it can be patented. A manipulated hormone becomes unpredictable. If we are replacing an important hormone that was once made by the body, we should replace it with a hormone of the exact same molecular structure (bioidentical), not one that has been manipulated (synthetic) so it can be patented. Synthetic hormones do not have the exact same properties as their bioidentical counterparts. Bioidentical hormones do not need to be FDA approved (unless they are given intravenously). Many manufacturers of synthetic hormones like the public to be misled into believing synthetic hormones are better because they are FDA approved. Synthetic hormones need to be FDA approved, because they are artificial. Bioidentical hormones occur naturally in the human body; therefore, they do not need to be regulated by the FDA. Bioidentical hormones do not get studied, because there is no financial incentive in producing them. We know they are safe, because the human body makes them.

How can Bioidentical Hormone Therapy you?

Our Bioidentical hormone therapy doctor in California can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Help you understand if your symptoms are related to hormones imbalance. This is done through a careful history, and only necessary testing.
  • Making sure you age in the healthiest possible way.
  • Provide a personalized treatment program so you can achieve your body’s natural balance in the shortest time.
  • Allow you to get your life back. Hormone balance should never be under estimated or overlooked. By being hormonally balanced you will age in the most functional way possible.
  • Dramatically reduce the diseases of aging, reducing prescription medications and medical problems.

Our bioidentical hormone therapy doctor in California will help you understand the options you have in taking care of your health. We understand how health care has deviated from providing what is good for the patient.

A Hormone Therapy Doctor can be a great resource

Men and women both go through the changes in health, because of hormone decline. Our hormone therapy doctor in California can help you recognize the changes your body goes through, and how careful balance restores normal function. Our hormone therapy doctor in California is an expert in recognizing which behavioral and mood changes are due to hormone imbalance vs. other issues.

With the help of our professional hormone therapy doctor in California, you can get the necessary treatment for hormone imbalance and regain your quality of life. California hormone therapy can be done via our secure Telemedicine system. Telemedicine has allowed patients to access care, conveniently, while at home or work, without spending hours traveling.

You can get in touch with our experts in hormone therapy by calling (331) 777-2419.

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