Night sweats and hot flashes

Night sweats and hot flashes and are some of the most common and bothersome symptoms of menopause. Their underlying cause is the same, the difference being simply that if the symptoms occur at night they are called night sweats and if they happen during the day they are known as hot flashes.

Night sweats can range from a mild feeling of heat to several episodes of intense heat and sweating, often requiring a change of clothing or bedding due to drenching sweat. Sleep is disturbed and women wake up feeling tired and upset.

Hot flashes usually occur spontaneously, but can also occur more predictably from a stress trigger. Other than the discomfort, women also complain of being embarrassed by sudden episodes of hot flashes when in public or at work.

We don’t understand the exact mechanism of night sweats or hot flashes. However, we do know that both hot flashes and night sweats occur due to hormone imbalance, set off by a cascade of events caused by low estrogen levels. Estrogen plays a key role in the thermoregulation part of the brain. When estrogen is out of balance, the thermoregulation part of the brain has chaotic moments. Women can feel as if they are on fire, even though everyone around them is appropriately cold. Clearly, an effective treatment is a must.

The pathology behind night sweats and hot flashes also negatively affects many other areas of health. For example, it’s impossible to get a good sleep and wake up rested if you are having night sweats. Without enough estrogen, the brain cannot reach the deep stages of sleep, leading to predictable interruptions of waking. This is because estrogen directly and indirectly revitalizes and heals the brain during sleep. Depriving the brain of restorative sleep is a health risk. Night sweats and hot flashes are warning signs of low estrogen, with potentially serious impacts on overall health.

Fortunately, correctly replacing estrogen, balanced with the right amount of progesterone is the perfect and natural solution to resolve hot flashes and night sweats. When administered correctly, results can be seen within days. With estrogen balance, sleep is restful, healthy and restorative. It’s important to note that estrogen should always be balanced correctly with progesterone, even if you have no uterus. Estrogen should never be taken by mouth due to the risk of blood clots. Topical application is the safest route. Also, estrogen and progesterone levels should be periodically monitored to ensure safe and physiological ranges.

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