Dr. Selma –  Leading Expert In Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Born in the UK, Dr. Selma, M.D. completed her medical degree and training in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Selma is board-certified in Internal Medicine. Now an acknowledged global expert on hormone replacement therapy, she recognizes that it has become increasingly confusing for the lay public as well as healthcare providers due to years of circulating misinformation. Dr. Selma is dedicated to clarifying the truth, so people can make informed decisions based on well-established facts.

Dr. Selma's Mission

As an academic and scientist, she strives to help the medical profession think outside the constraints of standard medicine, and draw medical knowledge from sound scientific data for the benefit of the patient and not be limited by stale practices or those backed by financial interests. Through her presentations to public groups, Dr. Selma also enables people to make more intelligent and educated health choices.

As a practitioner, she endeavors to provide total care for her patients so that they can live healthier, fuller lives. Dr. Selma constantly strives to ensure that the highest quality medical care and products are made available to her patients – and at the most affordable cost.

Dr. Selma's Background

Her career in medicine was inspired by the complexity fo the endocrine system. Very soon she was disappointed to learn that endocrinology operates like almost every other field of medicine, in a gith box of protocols trying to treat diseases with medications and procedures directed by the pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

At every stage of her medical training she was perplexed as to why there was so little connection between the basic sciences learned in the first two years fo medical school and the clinical training of the last two years of school. Working with her patients, Dr. Selma works to make the proper connection between basic science and clinical work.

‘The essence of her thought process is that the medical system should do everything possible to ensure that diseases of aging are prevented and every person enjoys life to their fullest potential.’

Dr. Selma's Book

Dr. Selma passionately seeks answers to preventing the diseases and dysfunctions of aging. The essence of her thought process is that the medical system should do everything possible to ensure that the diseases of aging are maximally prevented; and every person lives a healthy functional life until their natural death.

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