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Meet Dr. Selma
Leading expert in Bioidentical
Hormone Replacement Therapy

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The Mission 

  • To provide the safest, most natural way to eliminate menopause symptoms and prevent the chronic diseases of aging.

  • To communicate medical knowledge and scientific facts so more people can make healthy choices not limited by the constraints of standard medical practices and those backed by financial interests.

"Why should we accept the symptoms of aging and allow our health to degenerate when medical science has discovered so much information on how we can remain at our best?"

- Dr. Selma Rashid, MD

Global expert on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for women and men

Dr. Selma's Approach

Dr. Selma's Approach

Using the simplest techniques to achieve maximum results, Dr. Selma’s approach provides a unique treatment plan that replaces the exact hormones the body has lost, reestablishing hormone balance and enabling optimal, youthful function. Every patient receives a treatment plan best suited to his/her individual needs.

As a practicing physician, Dr. Selma understands the importance of treating disease; however, her goal is to increase awareness of the factors that contribute to the degeneration of health and the diseases of aging. This empowers patients to focus on prevention and enjoy life to their fullest potential at every age.

Her passion is to provide excellent patient care based on medical facts unhindered by practices, procedures, and medications promoted by pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Selma passionately pursues methods of disease prevention based on up-to-date medical science. Though she accepts that aging is inevitable, she refuses to accept that we should allow our health to degenerate when medical science has discovered so much information on how to remain functional.

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