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BHRT Telemedicine Services in California, Illinois, Nevada, and Colorado

At Anti-Aging Medical group, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) at our office in Lombard, IL and telemedicine appointments in California, Nevada, and Colorado.

As aging begins, the body starts to secrete less hormones that are vital to your health. BHRT is the most powerful and natural solution to remaining healthy and independent throughout life. It's the safest way to eliminate menopause symptoms and prevent age related degeneration. Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone imbalances can lead to a number of unwanted symptoms, such as hot flashes, low sex drive, and others.

How BHRT Treatment Works

Dr. Selma is dedicated to helping patients restore their healthy hormone balance. Here is what to expect:

1. Initial Evaluation: Contact us to schedule your consultation, where your medical history and symptoms will be discussed. Any questions and concerns you have will be addressed and clarified.
2. Medical Testing: Next, Dr. Selma will order any necessary tests (e.g. blood test) to see your current hormone levels.
3. Treatment Plan: Based on results of the medical test, Dr. Selma will create a customized treatment plan. BHRT is often given the form of creams.
4. Follow-Up Visits: After the treatment begins, Dr. Selma will closely monitor your changes and may request re-testing or dosage adjustments to ensure you are receiving an optimal treatment and restoring your health.

What to Expect When Starting Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Both men and women can benefit from BHRT. Many patients report:
- Weight loss
- Improved energy levels
- Better sleep
- Lesser mood swings
- Mental clarity

Schedule your appointment today and join the hundreds of people Dr. Selma has helped to restore healthy hormone balance and feel like themselves again. Don't wait any longer - call (331) 777-2419 today or fill out our quick telemedicine form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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