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Bioidentical vs Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

BHRT is not just more effective at relieving symptoms but also more affordable and safer than synthetic treatments.

There are two main differences between bioidentical and synthetic hormone replacement therapies:

1. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is safer.

BHRT is safer than synthetic hormone replacement therapy because bioidentical hormones more closely mimic natural hormones in their chemical structure on a deep molecular level. As a result, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is more effective than synthetic treatments for ease of side effects and relief of menopausal symptoms. Synthetic hormone therapy can potentially lead to health issues and disease risks.

2. Synthetic hormones can be patented by pharmaceutical companies.

Because drug companies are not allowed to patent a bio-identical structure, they create synthetic hormones that can be patented to produce more profit. Synthetic hormone therapy is presented as a patented drug by a large pharmaceutical company, making it more expensive to consumers because of the different patents involved in its production. On other hand, bioidentical hormones are derived from plants such as soybeans or wild yams and are more affordable.

How BHRT is Administered

- Creams
- Injections
- Patches
- Gels
- Pellets

Each of these options serves the goal to replenish or replace low hormone levels. At Anti-Aging Medical Group, treatment plans are individualized to each patient according to his or her needs. When you consult with Dr. Selma Rashid, she will learn about your full medical history and symptoms to determine a customized plan to restore your wellness. Call today at (331) 777-2419 to learn more.
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Nik Nik
Nik Nik
25 nov. 2022

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This treatment supposes that you get recombinant human growth hormone in the form of subcutaneous injections. As a result, you restore the growth hormone balance and get rid of HGH deficiency.

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